About Us

In 1971, we began to our business life as a partner of OTO SEVIM in order to serve to farmers in our region.  Five years later our partnership ended with OTO SEVIM, we have continued as BILGILI IMALAT MF.

In 1981, with strong resolve and limited resources we sorted out spare parts shortage.  Hence, we manufactured our first part front axle. With a limited technical source in said years, this was a milestone for a business and shapes our business life.

Currently BMS is able to manufacture more than 500 kind parts for many famous tractor brands. Thus, BMS gains acceleration in sales domestically and internationally.

BMS vision carry on investing in technology to produce spare parts which are world leading quality.  Taking actions within pro-active management views to adapt itself to the changing global conditions, investing in also skilled and qualified labour. Providing our domestic and international customers with high levels of customer satisfaction with fast and effective communication.  Also to work devotedly to become the world leading company in our sector



BMS gives top priority to quality assurance of its products at every stage of production & employs a Quality Management system throughout the entire production process, including:

·   Planning and Development of new products

·   Inspection of incoming materials

·   Quality control throughout manufacturing process

·   Inspection of final products

·   Packaging and shipping control

·   Quality of After-Sales service

The Quality Policy of BMS can be summed-up as follows:

·   All products must be manufactured in accordance with laws and standards

·   BMS personnel work in a transparent and sharing atmosphere guided by a motivating management group who focus on the continuous improvement of skills and competences

·   All BMS Personnel work in accordance to Quality management conditions, and continuously strive to improve its implementation

·   All BMS Personnel are made aware of all customer requests & attempt to meet them within the corporate rules

Every member of the BMS team at all levels is dedicated to increase the customers’ satisfaction through continuous improvement of every single task performed.



·   To produce products with a world-top quality level through:

-Continuous technological development and adaptation to changing environment.

-Fast decision making process.

-Highly qualified and talented personnel.

·   To keep on satisfaction of domestic and international customers through excellent communication and service.

·   To become a sector leader in the international scale.